Indica usually creates a “couch potato” body high. This kind of high numbs the body down and helps give an overall sense of relaxation. Many users will use indica right before they plan to go to sleep because it is such a relaxing feeling. Be wary though, it can also induce lethargy and make intricate motor skills difficult.

One major difference between indica and sativa is in grow times. Indicas have a much shorter flowering stage than sativas do. Indica flowering stage is typically between 8-10 weeks long whereas sativa flowering can be as long as 14-15 weeks. These numbers are also variable based on growing conditions and the environment.

Many of today's popular hybrids are derived from Afghan's genetics. Imported originally from Afghanistan, the Afghan strain traveled to Holland where it was cultivated exclusively. A strong Indica, Afghani (as it is also called) is known for ..
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B-52 is a truly superior Skunk breed that grows some very heavy buds. It is ideal for the larger/commercial cannabis grower. The maternal side of its family tree hails from Big Bud, among the oldest of the commercial strains. Big Bud is a cla..
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BC Juicy Fruit is a superb plant for beginners and those looking for a good yielding and pleasant fruity tasting plant. A fast grower that gives a solid body stone that is easy to get the most out of in regular or sea of green growing conditi..
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BC Kush is a 2 time-winner of the most respected pot award in the world, the Cannabis Cup. It is a very special tasting marijuana. The plant is a short compact plant, and is a pure Indica. This is due to the fact that the plant originates from ..
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BC Skunk is a very tolerant, sweet smelling weed, which has a strong potent high. Another BC grower and smoker favorite. Some people believe this weed to be very smelly when growing this is not the case, rather than a skunky smell it smells r..
Big Bud marijuana is the winner of Holland's world famous Cannabis Cup in 1989. Grower's who love producing quantity will love the Big Bud strain. The massive yield is legendary, producing humongous buds with super-duper fat leaves. The leave..
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Blue Moon is a very special breed of cannabis. It is a mostly Indica hybrid, that produces a sweet resin with an excellent yield. Blue Moon's dense flower formation is enhanced with a uniquely fruity aroma, backed with the Indica power. These..
Blueberry is a large producer under optimum conditions. A dense and stout cannabis plant with red, purple and finally blue hues that usually cure to a lavender blue. The finished marijuana has a very fruity aroma and taste of blueberry. Blueb..
Citralah is a great strain for making hash. Half of its genetics come from Chittral, Pakistan where it is solely used for hash production, and Afghani-Hawaiian. This plant has a strong citrus like smell and taste. It has a very good yield and..
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Early Mist marijuana seeds, White Widow’s sister, is an earlier maturing version, thus budding faster. Early Mist has a medium strong aroma one of the earliest outdoor marijuana plants in this collection. Hashy taste and aroma. These compact ma..
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First girl got its name because it finishes early in the growing season. Growers when growing outside, this can be VERY important. The plant is hardy and disease resistant as well, so they will grow in the difficult wet first part of the seas..
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Le Fruit Defendu is French for the forbidden fruit. The search was for a cannabis plant that would match with our Light of Jah a plant with fruity tones. This strain flowers and green leafs which colors with slightly colder temperatures. The plan..
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Girl Scout Cookies, also known as GSC, is an indica-hybrid marijuana strain made by crossing OG Kush with Durban Poison. By crossing two super popular strains, the underground breeding collective Cookie Family (or Cookie Fam) has been able to ele..
Hindu Kush is a pure Indica, one of the most constant kind, and is one of the world’s oldest cannabis indica strains with a rich, rugged history. It is believed that Hindu Kush was the first cannabis strain brought back from the "Orient" to E..
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Nepal or Nepali Kush is a double hash plant hybrid that stands out from the crowd due to the atypical structure of Nepali cannabis. Hash plants can be found all across the Indo China. Hindu Kush is an example of classic Indicas - dark, compac..
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